Yogi’s visit to the Vet went well, if you don’t count a Pit-bull lunging at him.  Now, I love all breeds of dogs,  each one has a purpose and each one can be an outstanding pet and family member.  

However, sometimes the owners of some pets have no common sense.  The owner of the dog that lunged at Yogi was very thin and small and was not as strong as the dog, nor had properly trained him and from what I could see, believed that smacking around his dog was ok. 

That goes right up there with the lady walking her dog on the river at the end of the street, regardless of the fact that the river isn’t completely frozen over.  The dog was just running around all over the place…

And the lady walking her 3 dogs down the middle of our street and on what looked like 20 foot leads.  The dogs kept running in different directions, up to porches, wrapping themselves on bushes, mailboxes, etc.  Every time the dogs would get tangled or block a car from passing, she would start screaming at the dogs, which had no affect at all.     


Anyway….  by the time we went inside, Yogi was shaking, but behaved himself well. The Vet stained his eye and could see the cornea was not damaged and from the green dye leaking out his nose, could tell that the tear duct was functioning.  She elected to treat the eye for infection to see if the prolapsed gland recedes on its own. Surgery will be the last option.  I’m praying this works.  My poor little dog really has had enough trauma in his life.  

Well, maybe not so little dog.. he weighed a whopping 26 pounds.. that is huge for my dogs, but he isn’t fat, just a big boy.