A lot of people have met our dogs that have been involved in competitions and pet assisted therapy.  But some have not met Yogi, mainly because he prefers to stay at home and sometimes a little nervous around strangers.

This Yogi.  I took this photo this morning while he was very impatiently waiting for Dad to get up and come downstairs.  Tired of waiting and whining at the bottom of the stairs, he settled for the best thing, laying near Dad’s old slippers to take a nap, toys always close by.   

Yogi 11 years waiting.

He is 11 years old and as can be seen, a one-eyed dog.  Double eye infections, ulcerated corneas and secondary glaucoma, caused the loss of one eye, but the other was saved.  Now, after all these years, he has cherry eye – prolapsed gland of the 3rd eyelid. 

Tomorrow, Monday,  he sees the Vet.  I doubt it will be a relaxing visit for anyone… can you tell I’m stressing over this already?

Doggy prayers would be appreciated… 

I tried to convince him to chew up Dad’s slippers so he’d be forced to get new ones, but he wouldn’t do it, not even for a biscuit. 

Btw.. Singtuck means Lion cub.. In full coat, he certainly looks like one.  We keep him short cause he likes it.