On Monday one of my favorite places closed.   A Sweet Read was a used book store with a coffee bar and where a group of people met once or twice a week to knit, spin or work on needlework. 

The owner of the book store started the group last year and for a while there were only a few of us going.   Here is a photo I took with my phone camera on Monday.  The photo is blurry but you can see that there were quite a few there even though some were missing. Notice all the coffee cups..  I’m going to miss my Mud Slides.

Sweet read knitters

 At first we only had knitters or crocheters, but I started taking my spinning wheel and now there are 4 or 5 others that spin.  Besides meeting at the book store, the spinners have also have been meeting at my place so I could show them a bit more about fiber, tools and spinning in general. 

A couple of wheels on the last day ….

Sweet wheels

Vicki the store owner gave me a gift,  a nice little book shelf.  I was delighted to have it, but once I got it home I wasn’t sure where to put it.  I finally decided to put it in my bedroom to see if I could keep my pile of books under control.  The only place it fit was between hubby’s chest and my dresser.   In that spot there has been a large dog bed for about 10 years, Lila’s bed.   We lost Lila last year, and than 2 months later we lost Dafni her granddaughter.  For a little bit Karma slept in our room, but now she’s with her co-owner.  

I’ve had a hard time getting used to not having a furry companion sleeping in our room at night, but I decided it was time for another change.  I removed the bed and put the bookcase in place.  It looks good. 

Sweet bookcase

It makes me sad to see Lila’s empty dog bed. It makes me happy to see books lined up on the shelf…   This is a change for the better. 

Meanwhile, then knitters met at the library on Friday and that didn’t work too well, parking was iffy, place was cramped and no coffee!  

The spinners did meet at my place on Saturday and it went well, spinning, snacks and coffee…

Monday we try a new library that has a meeting room.. we shall see…