This year I refused to work on last minute handmade Christmas gifts. I wanted to spend more time enjoying the moments and less being stressed about getting things done. Instead I worked on projects throughout the year and gave them as birthday gifts or saved them till Christmas.

So, why did I find myself spending most of yesterday helping daughter Tina with a gift for her mother-in-law? *G*

Here is the completed project, a quilt. This is Tina’s first large quilt and I think she did very well picking out the fabric. She chose some because the print tells something about Miki and others because of the colors.

Not all the fabrics are new. When Tina was 8 years old, we worked on a quilt together, a pinwheel quilt that she still has. I’d saved the extra fabric in case of repairs and simply because I don’t throw things away if I have a place to store them for later use. The fabric in the lower left hand corner is one of those fabrics, little pink flowers on light background. Tina and I hand pieced every single bit of her quilt and so it was definitely a labor of love. Now with some of the same fabric, she has created a labor a love for Miki.