Yesterday I received two pkgs.. one was a trade pkg… a book titled The Knitted Rug. It has lots of nice patterns and ideas for rugs.

The other pkg was my Feet To Prayers pkg from Cary. Inside was a Helen Steiner Rice calendar. I love the quotes and nature scenes. My family will be pleased to see a calendar with something other than a dog theme. *G*

There was also my sock and pattern. Cary mentioned that the colors were not what she asked for when she ordered the yarn, but I really like the colors. I like greens in shades of celery, fern, sage, etc and this has quite a few in there with some soft earthy browns. A perfect match for my chartreuse cabled turtleneck top that for some reason hubby doesn’t like but I do. *ggg* The sock and yarn came in a little bag painted by Cary’s mom… I took the bag to the knitting group last night and the ladies wanted to know where they could get one. It is now my sock knitting bag.

There were a few other things, but I want to point out the card with the photo of pumpkins on it. That card was made by Theresa who will be selling her cards soon. She takes beautiful shots and I look forward to being able to purchase cards from her. I’m framing this one… just gorgeous! Thank you for everything Cary!

A shot of my dining room table. Does anyone else have a table that doesn’t get used for dining? At the moment this table has a little gold wire tree surrounded by little gifts I’ve received, cards, and all sorts of goodies and we keep adding more each day. I don’t know where I’m going to put this all when we have to use the table for dining.